Good for the Soul!

Allow me to get cheesy/crazy for a moment, but I love karaoke. If I could do nothing but host and participate in karaoke for the rest of my life, I'd be in heaven!

I hadn't gone to karaoke for over a year. And then two weeks ago, I went to a show, and...I was on a high for two days. My life had been a bit of a struggle with a divorce, bankruptcy, move to a new town, and a terrible job. The only bright spot is a good boyfriend. But then I went to that karaoke show and I was just elated for two days. I was happy, light, felt like I could cope with things better.

I know that is a silly thing, but I love karaoke. It is probably the hobby that makes me happiest in my life.

It's truly all I want to do. I plan on getting my old karaoke job back as soon as my old boss and I can do some bar-hopping to find a bar for me to host at. I can't wait to have karaoke back in my life. It is so good for me. Makes me happy. Something I enjoy. Something I'm reasonably good at! Yay, karaoke!
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Has anyone been to any karaokes recently? And if you have what've you sang? I haven't been to too many, but I've been to the one at my uni a couple of times in the past few weeks. It's a really cool karaoke but is normally really packed so you just get to do 1 song, but it's still good anyway. A few weeks back I did belinda Carlisle, heaven is a place on earth, and last Thursday I did Shakira, Whenever, wherever. Has anyone also been to any new karaokes that you haven't tried before?
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Rock Star Karaoke!

Have you ever wanted to be a ROCK STAR?

Have you ever wanted to sing with a LIVE BAND?

Come to Ars Nova Theater at 8pm this Friday, mention CODE: NEWS and get into ROCK STAR KARAOKE for FREE! Choose from a long list of your favorite new and classic rock songs, shoot a cheap shot at the bar, and grab the mike!


Life-Threatening Karaoke!

I had my life threatened at karaoke awhile back when I was running a show. Crazy, eh?

There were two guys named Tony there that night. So, we decided one of them would be Tony Blue because he always sings blues songs. He was happy to see me and it was all good.

The evening progressed and he was screaming for everyone and cheering and enjoying himself.

Towards the end of the night, he got up to sing. His song had a very long instrumental in the middle. During this time, it is completely common and normal for the karaoke host to make some joking comment about the singer, or whoever, or just fill the instrumental time with banter. Well, there was a picture of a weird looking blue man holding a guitar on the screen during the instrumental break. So, in a very friendly, happy mood, I said, "Hey, Tony Blue, is that you playing the guitar?"

And he flipped out, folks. He stopped singing the song and brought the mic right up to where I was seated. He started SCREAMING into the microphone, the lyrics to the song. Then he took the mic down and say, "If you ever crochet with my song again, I'll kill you."

"I said, don't threaten me, eye of a needle."

"Don't mess with me!"

"I'll cut you off right now!"

"That's the worst you can do? Cut me down?"

"You're not singin' anymore."

He glared at me and handed me the mic and walked off with his song still playing. He shot a balloon at me and flipped me off screaming over the music, "I'll never sing for you again," and stalked off.

It was a little disconcerting, even though I knew he was just drunk. But still...I didn't enjoy the situation at all.

See? There's action at karaoke!!!

Big Tipper!

I had a show last week at a bar called the Hatch Cover. Which is actually a pretty nice bar. The first hour and a half, was sooooooooooo slow. I sang like 5 times. Finally, two guys get up and they sing for 30 mintues straight! They'd sing a song, I'd try to play a filler song, and they'd ask to sing it. And since no one else was signing up, I just let them.

Things finally picked up about about 11:45. Which was stupid because the bar closed at 1:30. But, anyway, if you didn't know, it is actually customary in some places to tip your karaoke host. Some people do it a couple bucks a song, some people do a $5 tip total for the night. It's just a nice thing to do. Well, I had a guy tipping me with $20s every song!!!!! When he ran out of money, he gave me the last $9 that he had! By the end of the night, I'd made $109 off of him!!! It was sooo awesome because that is in addition to my $75 I make from Crazy Tony!

The end of the night was a lot of fun. It ended with a guy and a girl singing A Whole New World. The guy actually knew all the words to it, even the ones that weren't provided on the TV screen. It was very cute.

I won

A couple weeks ago, I tied for first in a karaoke contest. It was the first time I had been able to compete in a very long time. Since I was working for the company, I wasn't allowed to be in the contests. But I haven't worked for him in like 3 months. So I entered and won!

Muahahahaaa!!! $100!!!!

I performed my Genie in a Bottle because I knew my stage presence alone would help me win. Everyone else gets up there and stands in one place and just sings. I know some of the dance moves from the music video and I do them while I sing. No one else stood a chance!

I want to start going to crappy karaoke shows and winning their contests that way. And stealing their customers for Crazy Tony. *evil*
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New journal but the same person

Hi, I used to be karaokequeen85 but I've created a new journal, so my new LJ, ah_1985 is now the maintainer of this community, but I'm still the same person.

Anyway, has anyone been to karaoke lately? I was on holiday in Turkey in August and wsang karaoke loads there, but haven't been to a one since then. In just over a week I'm going to Spain for 9 months, and I'm hoping there's some people there who are into karaoke. Well if there's not, then I'll have to somehow convert them in to karaoke addicts! Haha! Any ideas how I could do that?
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