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Good for the Soul!

Allow me to get cheesy/crazy for a moment, but I love karaoke. If I could do nothing but host and participate in karaoke for the rest of my life, I'd be in heaven!

I hadn't gone to karaoke for over a year. And then two weeks ago, I went to a show, and...I was on a high for two days. My life had been a bit of a struggle with a divorce, bankruptcy, move to a new town, and a terrible job. The only bright spot is a good boyfriend. But then I went to that karaoke show and I was just elated for two days. I was happy, light, felt like I could cope with things better.

I know that is a silly thing, but I love karaoke. It is probably the hobby that makes me happiest in my life.

It's truly all I want to do. I plan on getting my old karaoke job back as soon as my old boss and I can do some bar-hopping to find a bar for me to host at. I can't wait to have karaoke back in my life. It is so good for me. Makes me happy. Something I enjoy. Something I'm reasonably good at! Yay, karaoke!
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