Doctor Worm (3daysandspoiled) wrote in karaoke_fans,
Doctor Worm

Karaoke Versions of Songs


My friend and I are recording a CD (just for fun, and to share with friends) where we will cover some songs using my Bill Cosby impression. In order to do so, we have downloaded karaoke versions of some songs for me to sing over. We used Bearshare, and have found most of the songs, but we are having difficulty finding the following songs:

Sugar, We're Going Down-Fallout Boy

In Da Club-50 Cent (I believe this can be found on some karaoke CD called Hip-Hop, Volume 4)

Rock Your Body-Justin Timberlake

Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

If anybody has karaoke versions of any of these songs, PLEASE contact me either on AOL/AIM (SLICKERDRIPS3) or MSN (

Thank you for your time.
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