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So, there is a singer at my show who calls himself G.I. Joe. This guy drives me nuts all night long, changing his songs, asking when it is his turn, and breathing the most vile, disgusting cigerette breath I've ever experienced in my life. He drives me nuts.

This past Friday, he'd actually been tolerable (except for the breath). Then a friend of his walks in. His friend is going to have to wait six singers which is anywhere from 30-45 minutes depending on how long the songs are. G. I. Joe comes up to me, asking to let this new guy take his turn so he could sing. I told him no. It is against our rules and walked away. He came up to my computer and asked again. And I told him no. I explained to him that all the people sitting in the bar had been sitting waiting for their turn, and that if they saw some guy just walk in and sing, they would be upset and think I had done something wrong. I told him it wasn't fair. He stays right in my face and seriously, I want to die because of his breath, and argues. I just tell him no and turn away from him (fresh air!). He says, "This is bullsh*t," and walks away.

So, I skipped him. I didn't let him sing the rest of the night. Because he already just drives me nuts, but I'm not going to let him talk to me like that just because he says his friend is a "professional" singer and needs a chance to show us his stuff.

Well, G. I. Joe is a regular at the bar. And spends a good deal of money there. I was terrified of what would happen after this. I insulted a regular! Right after the show, I called my karaoke boss and let him know. He said I didn't do anything wrong. In fact, his idea was a lot meaner than mine! He wanted me to tell G. I. Joe, "Well, maybe I'd do it if you weren't such a pain in the ass all the time, but since you're such a pain in the ass all the time, I don't want to help you out." So, I was rather proud of how I handled it. But the person I was really afraid over was Debbie, the owner.

So, I walk into the bar the next night and see Debbie. I ask if G. I. Joe had called her and she says yes. I wince. Then she says...."G. I. Joe wanted me to tell you he was sorry for how he acted last night." *I pick my jaw up off the floor* She said he knew he was a jerk and he was sorry. I was totally elated that this had worked out so well!

Then Joe shows up that night. And comes up to me and apologizes for how he behaved. And slipped me a $5 dollar tip! He still had abominable cigerette breath, but he bothered me SOOOOOOO much less than he normally does. Which was a real blessing. I can't stand people that come and harrass you every second about one thing or the other! Stupid head!

Long story short: I'm relieved I didn't lose my show because I insulted a regular!

On a sidenote: Do you tip your karaoke host or not?
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I never have. And I go all of the time.
It was only recently that I noticed a jam sized jar somewhat hidden on top of all the equipment. All his stuff [and you singin] is on this big stage, and on stage I was too busy doing my thang to notice. Now that I have, I'm worried if I start tipping him now, he'll think I'm trying to get something by it instead of saying thank you.
Also I am cheap - is a dollar enough or is it insulting? I typically sing 2 songs or less when I go.

I'm so glad you wrote all this. The karaoke DJ where I'm at is a giant mystery to me, and I'm scared to death of him. Mostly of his girlfriend, who is 900 pounds and sits and glares at everyone who wants to sing. I've had so many questions, another one being why does he put two very excellent singers next to one another, and then a strnig of very poor ones? I've always wondered. Who knows.
That's cool that it turned out alright in the end.