Yawnk (savannahjan) wrote in karaoke_fans,

Big Tipper!

I had a show last week at a bar called the Hatch Cover. Which is actually a pretty nice bar. The first hour and a half, was sooooooooooo slow. I sang like 5 times. Finally, two guys get up and they sing for 30 mintues straight! They'd sing a song, I'd try to play a filler song, and they'd ask to sing it. And since no one else was signing up, I just let them.

Things finally picked up about about 11:45. Which was stupid because the bar closed at 1:30. But, anyway, if you didn't know, it is actually customary in some places to tip your karaoke host. Some people do it a couple bucks a song, some people do a $5 tip total for the night. It's just a nice thing to do. Well, I had a guy tipping me with $20s every song!!!!! When he ran out of money, he gave me the last $9 that he had! By the end of the night, I'd made $109 off of him!!! It was sooo awesome because that is in addition to my $75 I make from Crazy Tony!

The end of the night was a lot of fun. It ended with a guy and a girl singing A Whole New World. The guy actually knew all the words to it, even the ones that weren't provided on the TV screen. It was very cute.
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