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Talk about karaoke!

the place to discuss anything karaoke related

Karaoke fans
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if you want to talk about anything and everything to do with karaoke, then you've come to the right place!
Here are some ideas to get you talking:
What are your favourite songs to sing on karaoke?
Which karaokes have been your favourite and why, for example if you've been or go to a karaoke that has a good variety of songs or a good atmosphere.
Where are the best places to go if you're hoping to go to quite a few karaokes? For example there might be loads where you live or somewhere you've been on holiday, and another member might happen to be visiting that place soon.
Are there any karaokes that you haven't found so good and why?
How have you found the backing tracks at different karaokes? for example how similar or different have they sounded to the original song, or have you heard or sang any that have been wrong?
And also, if a member is visiting a certan place and wants to know if there's any karaokes where they're going and what the karaokes will be like, then they could post a question to the community and there might be another member that lives or has been to that place before so can give you the answer.
And if that doesn't get you talking, then nothing will!

Also, if you have any recordings of yourself singing karaoke and want to let everyone hear them, then feel free to do that as well, and we can have some online karaoke fun!

A good easy to use website for uploading audio is putfile.com which gives you your own home page, and your audio stays there forever.

Have fun!